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My name is Sarah Slutz.

      Go ahead and read that last name again, only this time, think “Sloots.” And yes, growing up with a last name like mine provided ample opportunities to build my sense of humor  😉
      Born and raised in Idaho, I love all things outdoors. My biggest passion came on early in the form of horses; I would always opt for a new toy horse over a Barbie doll any day. That passion eventually led me to attend William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri where I received a Bachelors degree in Equine Science and a Business Administration minor for good measure. I’ve always loved teaching and leadership and after discovering that my equine passion should stay just that, a passion, I pursued careers where I could put my other skills to good use.
      Over the next five years I created career opportunities, learned from incredible people, experienced the ins and outs of small business and became passionate about entrepreneurship. I moved from Missouri to New Jersey and ultimately settled back in Boise, Idaho.
      I do my best to live in abundance, to always be learning and to surround myself with community. All of which led me to starting this blog. I’ve discovered so much over the years and have always enjoyed writing, so this seemed a perfect outlet to share my experiences while also putting my musings to good use.
      I hope you find value in my words and always leave here just a little more inspired.

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