Learn to choose your thoughts in the morning just like you choose what clothes you wear.

Yesterday, I woke up on the WRONG side of the bed. Zero motivation. Grumpy. Already resenting much of my to-do list.

Even just a couple of months ago, I would have succumbed to those feelings and allowed myself to live in them. For at least that day if not several following.

This has been a specific challenge I’ve faced my whole life. In all my careers and throughout school, my emotions have played a large role in how I showed up. Last Fall when I made the shift to working for myself, this particular challenge of mine became significantly more abundant. Now, there was no one to report to, no consequence for not forcing myself to get somewhere. I now had the perfect storm of some big weaknesses.

So I set to work on them. It would have been much easier to abandon my business pursuit and report back to a new boss, ultimately allowing me to sidestep this particular challenge. But I knew that if I could overcome this, my LIFE would be better. Not just as a business owner, but every single day I could show up better. And happier.

It’s been months of work, with slow progress. And I have plenty more work to do before I fully develop my new habits. But my job is to focus on the progress. I owe it to myself to do what I can to let go of what limits me so that I can ultimately achieve and live the life I desire. Not the life I could settle for.

Mental growth is quite possibly the hardest of tasks. Unlike a physical goal (losing weight, getting in shape, etc.) the progress is VISIBLE. When you are working on your mind (your habits, your thoughts, etc.) the progress can be difficult to measure. And much easier to give up on.

Our minds will do everything in their power to prevent change. It’s pure survival instinct. If we choose a new path, it may kill us. We need to stick to what we know because that’s kept us alive so far. To grow and change is hard work. To have a real shot, you must EXPECT it to be hard at times. And just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it isn’t right. It simply means you’re actually growing.

But I can promise you one thing. This work, to grow and change and become, it will be the best work you ever do.